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Breathtakingly perched with the beautiful tea gardens, expansive lush green valleys and mountains and comfortable weather conditions, Munnar is one of the most alluring tourist destinations in India. Camouflaged amidst the greyish hues of the mist, Munnar is the perfect place to escape from the hustle bustle of the cities for avid travellers and touring families.

It wears exceptionally pleasing and amiable climate all through the year, even during the monsoon. Munnar becomes the perfect Kerala bride when rain pours over her, and it blesses the visitors with a tantalising setting and feel.

With several layers of mist draping over the lush landscapes, time and season in a Munnar trip are important, and hence, it is imperative that you know when to plan your trip.

Climate in Munnar

Summer in Munnar: Summer in Munnar is perhaps the best time to explore the beautiful hill station that Munnar is. Starting from March till the month of May, people flock Munnar to discover the abundant natural bounty that the place has to offer. With clear skies, the temperature in Munnar during the summer ranges from a minimum of 19°C to a maximum of 35°C.

Monsoon in Munnar: Munnar becomes the perfect Kerala bride when rain on pours over her, and it blesses the visitors with a tantalising setting and feel. Like the entire state of Kerala, the monsoon falls over Munnar from June till the month of September.

Though most people stay away from Munnar during the rainy season, there is no doubt that Munnar has a unique charm and beauty during the monsoon.

The months of July and August is considered to be the time when the number of people coming to Munnar is unsurprisingly low. Hotels, resorts and restaurants give considerable offers to attract people to Munnar during this period, If you are an individual who loves rain, then the off season is the best place to be in Munnar witnessing the heavy downpour.

Winter in Munnar

Munnar experiences winter from November all the way till February and are considered to be the best time for visitors to indulge in exciting activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rappelling and rock climbing. The winter is supposed to be the best time to enjoy Munnar in all its celestial beauty and breathtaking views.

The Peak Season of Munnar

Munnar experiences most number of visits during Deepavali that falls in October and Christmas which comes in the month of December. If you are preparing to visit Munnar during any of these times, it always recommended that you book hotels, travels and transportation well in advance as there will be countless people flocking Munnar.

Another important thing is that everything in Munnar will be costly; from hotels, restaurants and resorts to food and transportation, everything will cost you.

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