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For most of the ardent nature-lovers, Munnar is as much an adventure tourist spot as it is a gorgeous one. The mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the rugged paths and trekking trails make Munnar an ideal place where you can flex your adventure muscles a little more.

Apart from experiencing all the thrills that the adventure activities can offer, beholding the unmatched views Munnar being disclosed to you while indulging in such activities is a rare and unique experience that is sure to stay fresh in your mind for a long time.

Trekking is one of the everyday activities that many people indulge in while in Munnar. Walking on the rocky paths leading uphill through the wilderness of Munnar is an exciting way to understand the forest, the flora and the fauna of Munnar.

For people who need more adventure, options like rock climbing and mountain climbing are valuable in Munnar. Though paragliding is a relatively newer sort of experience, many tourists have found this incredibly thrilling and exciting. Paragliding in Munnar is an exceptional adventure activity to indulge in but is available only in Vagamon. The feeling of gliding in the sky witnessing all the natural glory of Vagamon from the air is sure to strike a chord with everyone’s heart. Canoeing and Kayaking are another daring activity to indulge in while in Munnar. Quite unsurprisingly, this is an extreme sport which is not for the faint-hearted.

Another exciting adventure to be in a while travelling in Munnar is bamboo rafting. Bamboo rafting in Munnar has become a sensation which many tourists ask their travel partner to arrange while booking their tour packages to Munnar. The bamboo rafting across the Periyar Tiger Reserve is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences that will stay fresh and exciting in your Mind. The enchanting beauty of the surrounding wild when you course your bamboo according to the flow of the river, the magnificent views of rare animals grazing in the wild and the experience of rallying through a thick forest which is otherwise impossible to reach will make the experience nothing like anything else.

A wildlife safari is another thing to indulge to your heart’s content; witnessing a myriad of diverse animals are eating the green pastures of Munnar during the safari and encountering ferocious, wild animals at close quarters will sure send chills down your spine. Moving to the green pastures of Munnar searching for wildlife will give you a strange sense of purpose to your tour, for sure. Experiencing the wild flora and fauna in all its pristine glory is an experience in itself. Depending upon your requirements a wide range of wildlife safaris in Munnar from day safaris to night-loving safaris.

Tent camping is one of the most exciting things while on holiday to Munnar. 17C Camping is a tranquil hill where you can enjoy your camping in all its essence. Standing tall of 6500 feet above sea level, the camping site at the Lockhart Tea Factory is a real uncanny experience to unfold and experience in all its mysteriously fetish ways.

With the surrounding wilderness, the gentle mountain breeze that plays with your hair, the downy lawn and everything about the pristine nature that surround you to make the camping experience an otherworldly one.

At the camping site you will be provided with all you need to spend the best night and catch the best sleep in your entire life;
• Tent
• Full-time facilitator
• Drinking water
• Sleeping bag
• Dinner
• Campfire
• Sunrise Tea
• Toiletries

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