Vanya Tree House

Promoted by the Kondody Group of Hotels and Resorts India Pvt. Ltd. Vanya is more than just a tree house,Vanya is an experience that calls you to shed the burdens imposed on you by modern civilization and to go back to your true roots. The roots that Mother Nature gave us and through this experience you will understand how these roots of Mother Nature keeps us nourished and self sufficient. At Vanya, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that you experience a truly indigenous way of living. Every aspect of the Vanya experience is designed to develop a deeper appreciation and respect for the earth and its environment.


The Vanya experience gives you an opportunity to feel what it’s like to be back in the cradle of Mother Nature. Every single aspect of Vanya will remind you of an era gone by. A time when people and things were much simple, where man’s greed did not dilute his purpose in life.
Your journey begins with a jeep ride from Greenwoods Resort to a ‘MannanKudi’, a traditional mud hut made by the indigenous Mannan tribes of this region.. Everything about this hut will show you how these tribes lived in such harmony with nature. This hut truly signifies what living off of the land means. The very principle that the MannanKudi represents is that the earth has plenty to offer to satisfy man’s needs but not his greed.

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