Vignetted by the mountain tribal village, the CGH Spice Village is, in all its essence, a time travelling experience which will take you from the modern world to the ancient time and take you back. The loamy aroma of lemon grass welcomes the visitors as they step into the premises of CGH Spice Village, Thekkady. And, this fragrance alone is enough to understand the treat you are in for at the property.

Whether you are on a business trip in kerala, with your family or on a fulfilling travel all by yourself,Thekkady CGH Spice Village is undoubtedly one of the most refreshing resorts in Kerala. If you are a nature lover, you will appreciate everything that the resort and if you are not, you will transform into one by the time you leave here.

Everything here will you take you on experience unlike anything you have been a part of before. The dawn and the dusks will astonish you, the Periyar River and a journey on her against the chilly wind caressing your face will freeze time and the rhythmic rides on a bullock cart along the rugged roads of the village all spin a web of surprises and amusements wherever you go a t the village.

The rustic beauty of the cottages, well-maintained green pastures, the Woodhouse bar and a surprising reception out in the open will only leave you more surprised than ever. The staffs are as amicable as ever and so is the stay.

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