Tea Bungalow

Tea Bungalow has 10 large en-suite rooms each named after a port involved in spice and tea trading from lands around the Indian Ocean. The rooms are named Cochin, Zanzibar, Galle, Mombasa, Muscat, Malacca, Mauritius, Cambay, Goa and Calicut. Each room has deft design touches of each ethnic port.


The Garden is the perfect foil for Tea Bungalow, enhancing its calm serenity. One can lounge on the garden chairs under a lawn umbrella or in the dappled shade of the jackfruit, breadfruit and cinnamon trees, and enjoy the exotic shapes of the bonsai plants. At night the cleverly lit garden is transformed into the stuff of dreams.

The aquamarine swimming pool is lined with leather polished granite and Italian Bisazza tile. Sun loungers are arranged around the pool-deck. Each one provided with a fresh, soft, snowy white towel.

The Travancore Lounge is an exclusive retreat for residents only with a well stocked library. There is a wide wall mounted plasma screen for those who are curious about what the world has been up to while they were away.

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