Amaana Plantation Resorts Thekkady

Amana Plantation Resorts Thekkady Probably it is the diversity that offers life its beauty! Amidst the apparently thrilling frenzy of life has its turmoil and even amidst the chaos somewhere life has something that would offer you solace.

India, since ancient times, has been a favourite destination of travellers across the world to experience this diversity that enables one to perceive life’s grandeur, so is Kerala a tiny piece of land that is blessed with nature’s splendour.


Thekkady is often referred as the green symphony in Kerala. A walk through 20 acres of dense plantation is one of the major attractions in Amaana. A journey through nature, amidst wide range of flora and fauna enjoying serenity would present one with an ever-memorable experience.

A visit to spice plantation, is another major activity in Amaana. A tenant can have a close look at the process of cardamom harvest and learn about cardamom curing process. A visit to cattle farm is yet another activity offered to a traveller that would perhaps speak of a life unified with nature.We can also help our customers in transportation in and around kerala,We can help you in booking taxi in kerala for local usage.

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