The recent Kerala floods made the entire world sit up and take notice.  Nature was not in her best mood and many suffered under her vengeance – both humans and animals were at her mercy.
While rains lashed out from above, the dams, rivers and lakes had been taking their own course below. Closed ones got separated from each other; many lost their lives. Materialistic life went for a toss – hard earned investments, houses, vehicles and luxuries were completely snatched away from people. Rich ones became poor and poor ones were left high and dry. Each and every place became inaccessible while help was pouring in from far and wide.

But right when everyone thought everything is going to perish under the wet spell – the Sun came out of the blue one fine day and spread its rays softly across the God’s Own Country; just like a balm soothing the wounds. The sunshine brought positivity, fresh energy and hope that it is going to be fine hereafter.
Now is the time when Kerala is recuperating but her spirit is intact. People have brushed away their worries and are slowly rebuilding their lives and confidence. There is a sense of unity prevailing everywhere.  Although it will be some time before the State comes back to its full form, all have accepted the fact that everything happens for a reason.

Being right in the lap of Nature, Munnar Holidays was fortunate enough to escape Her wrath with only minor causalities. Whatever damages have been done are manageable and we are sure to be back in business in no time with much vigour and renewed spirit.

We are positive that tourism industry will return to normalcy like as before and travel enthusiasts will find their way back into the ever green and lively Kerala. Nature here is now warmly welcoming one and all…

Together we can! Munnar Holidays looks forward to your presence to help us back on our happy feet.
See you soon, dear traveller!

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