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Munnar, in all its subtle glory, is a quintessential holiday spot; a hill station that offers pleasant surprises every time you visit the place. Unlike most other hill stations, Munnar is so conveniently located that, in any direction, you go; from Mattupetty to Coimbatore or Thekkady to Kochi, you will have beautiful places to see and unforgettable memories to take back when you leave.

Places in the Mattupetty Direction

Tea Museum (Tea Tasting and Demonstration of Tea Processing)

Tea museum is an exceptional place to appreciate everything about tea- the way it is grown to its processing and history in Kerala.Visiting the museum would be a great explorative experience for those keen to know about all the aforesaid. While in the museum, you can also taste the exotic varieties of authentic Munnar tea and buy few packets if you need.

KFDC Flower Garden

There may not be a better place than Munnar Floriculture Centre, commonly referred to as the Munnar Rose Garden, to get acquainted with a plethora of rare species of herbal plants and flowers indigenous to Munnar. With huge tea plantations that surround the area with an uncanny charm, this is one place that can definitely make people want to forget time.

Tea Plantations

Tea plantations at Munnar have an exceptional role in making it a heavenly abode for all travellers who enjoy nature in its pristine facades. A walk through the mist clad green pastures of tea plantations itself is a great experience for everyone who wants to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. The beautiful views of the values and hillocks that span far afield are sure to stay with everyone for all the years to come.

Photo Point

Taking images has gone from a derivative of vacations to the major and most fun aspect, thanks to the emergence of smartphones and affordable cameras. And, if you are a photo buff, photo point is the place where you need to be. With all the ingredients that make a stunning photograph from lush valleys to indigenous vegetation to the rolling knolls, prattling-rivulets and gleaming silvery oaks, this is where photos can make true memories that last long.

Mattupetty Dam & Boating

Not so far from the Anamudi peak is the Mattupetty Dam caressed by the heaving plantation hillocks of Munnar.The dam is a natural wonder with astonishing sights that are hard not to get fascinated about.And, with the surrounding tea plantations and the rollicking vales, the dam makes itself all the more exciting to be at.You may have a great speed boating experience; enjoy your time appreciating the scenic charm of neighbouring areas while the boat rushes through cool water body reflecting green trees lining the place.

Echo Point

The natural echo-phenomenon gives the place its name and is a favourite stop-over spot for tourists who are on their long travels to visit the exciting Top Station of Munnar. A spot is a place where everyone, irrespective of their ages, can have great fun.

Kundala Lake 

The lake is one of the very few places where visitors can enjoy seeing the rare Neelakurunji flowers that only blossom once every 12 years. When these flowers blossom, hordes of people come from around the world to witness the stunning display of nature in all its flowery glory.Kundala dam is, in fact, Asia’s first Arch Dam.

Top Station View Point

Falling on the Tamil Nadu – Kerala border, the top station view point offers breathtaking panoramic views of the magnificent Western Ghats, in its magnificent posture. People can also observe the valleys of Theni district, Tamil Nadu from the top station.The Top station will never fail to treat the visitors as it is blessed with jaw dropping display of abundant natural beauty.

Vattavada Village

Instead of the lush valleys and terraced slopes of tea plantations, what distinguishes Vattavada from other regions of Munnar are the long pastures and terraced slopes of vegetable crops. Taking a trek through the village in the cool winter sunshine is truly a refreshing experience. There are also plenty of forest patches dotted with a number of conifers and eucalyptus trees.Paying a visit to Pampadum Shola National Park which is the smallest yet one of the most charming and all-inclusive national parks in Kerala would be a worthy investment of your time.

Places in the Coimbatore Direction

Eravikulam National Park (Also called as Rajamala)

Another exceptionally attractive place to enjoy the biodiversity of Munnar is the Eravikulam National Park, where the visitors can enjoy the shola-grassland ecosystem. People wanting to explore the park to experience the exotic flora and fauna of the area can hire vehicles from the forest department.You can definitely have some amazing sights of Nilgiri tahr, the endangered mountain goats with spiky curls and short bristly fur.On a lucky day, be ready to witness some of the rarest animals that graze through the grasslands of the park.

Lakkam Waterfalls

Bounded by ‘Vaga trees’, Lakkam waterfall is one of the most accessible falls in Munnar, and it originates from the upper regions of the Eravikulam Plateau. Though it creates several smaller gushes on its way down, most of the gushes are inaccessible. The fall is surrounded by dense forests adding to the fall’s bewitching wilderness. The rocky cliffs of the fall are another aspect that adds to the beauty of the serene setting of the Lakkam waterfall.

Thalayar Tea Factory

The Thalayar Tea Estate lounges through the rollicking dales and steep hillocks in Munnar to instantly strike a chord with the minds of the people who love nature and her taunting beauty. At the estate, you can visit the factory and experience how that magic drink that welcomes you to a new dawn gets prepared, firsthand.The best thing is that the estate actively invites visitors to have a ‘Make your own Tea’ experience where you can pluck tea leaves by your own & process it; this is a rare opportunity and you hardly ever get it.

Marayoor Sandal Wood Forest

Marayoor is a place where time refuses to tick at all and with all the remnants, it fits perfectly in your list of must-see places in Munnar. Rich with natural sandal wood forests and sugar cane fields, Marayoor forest is definitely a place to enjoy the huge trees and the aromatic experience it unfolds. You can also visit the famed sandalwood factory that operates under the management of the Department of Forest, Kerala.

Muniyara Dolmens

Being an astonishing location for archaeologists and anthropologists from across the world, Muniyara boasts of the remnants of dolmenoidcists dating back to the Megalithic age. These dolmenoids are believed to contain the burial chambers of the civilizations that lived here during the pre-historic times.Occupying a large area of the slopes of the majestic Western Ghats, the place offers astounding natural beauty to behold.

Jaggery Making in Marayoor

Being one of the sweetest jaggeries in the world, Marayoor Jaggery is an exotic sweet made in Marayoor that can definitely leave the mouths of sweet-lovers watering for more. You can observe here all the processes that are used to make this exotic variety of sweet. For those scratching head wondering why the sweet here tastes so good, the unique temperature and the befitting ph value of the land are all that they must know.

Thoovanam Waterfalls

Thoovanam Waterfall has tucked away deep into the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary created by River Pambar. The trek to reach the waterfall is an experience itself, and the experience of the trek into the deep forest is further buoyed by the exotic, rare flora and fauna that one can easily observe here. There are plenty of options in the fall for every tourist who wants to enjoy the fall.It has to be noted that Thoovanam is accessible only by trekking that is organised by Forest Department.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Special in every way due to its location, unique terrains and rare climatic conditions, the sanctuary at Chinnar is a true feast for the eyes of anyone visiting it. The spectacular wildlife here is the major attraction of the sanctuary, and the experience is further augmented by the abundant natural beauty of the sanctuary that can leave anyone spellbound.

Amaravathy Dam and the Crocodile Farm

Lying majestically across the Amaravathy River, the dam is an exceptional place to enjoy nature in all its eclectic beauty and vigour. The travellers can observe the surrounding forest and enjoy the picturesque views of the Annamalai Hills and Palani Hills near the dam. Visitors can also watch crocodiles striding and basking in the sun at the nearby Amaravathy Sagar Crocodile Farm, which was incepted in the year 1975.

Places in the Thekkady Direction

Lockhart Tea Factory

Munnar is always fresh in making exotic varieties of teas, and one of the reasons for that is the 100-year old Lockhart Tea Factory in Munnar. The factory has a rich history that dates back to the early days when the British were trying to cultivate tea in India to compete with the Chinese. The undulating terrains, long pastures of tea plantations and the aroma filled air can definitely make the visit to the factory a cherishable one.

Lockhart Gap View

The Lockhart Gap is one of the must-see places for the visitors who love nature and its abundant beauty. The experience of enjoying the chilly winds, that brush your hair while looking across the lush green vales and mountains here, is alone worth the trip to Munnar. Among several other spots, the Lockhart Gap will definitely stay close to your heart, even after you have long reached home.

Anayirangal Lake & Boating

Renowned for the natural beauty that surrounds its lake, dam and the lush green tea plantations, Anayirangal is a rare place where the travellers can catch the sight of the herds of elephants quenching thirst at the lake.Like most of the spots in Munnar, Anayirangal, too, is blessed with exceptionally beautiful plantations and dense evergreen forests to welcome its visitors.

Chinnakanal Waterfalls

Also called the Power House waterfall, Chinnakanal waterfall originates from Devikulam River. The fall is surrounded by dense and beautiful forests which give the fall an otherworldly feel. Along with the thick forests that surround the waterfall, the adjacent green clad tea plantations add great beauty and character to the fall and make it all the more unique.

Kolukkumalai Tea Factory

Carrying a rustic old-world charm, Kolukkumalai has several sprawling tea plantations and an aged tea factory attracting visitors from across the country. One can easily understand the various different processes that are used to create exotic varieties of Munnar tea at the factory. If you would like, you might as well get a few tips from the salesmen here to extract unique tastes from the tea.

Places in the Cochin Direction

C.S.I Christ Church Munnar

Those travellers who love to spend some time at an old church will definitely enjoy the C.S.I Christ Church at Munnar. The church boasts of all the complexities and architectural elements of the Royal British era in the 19th century.Now, the church is used as a worship place for the community that has over 1000 Tamil families as believers.

Ramaswamy Iyer Headwork Dam

Offering great views just like any other dam, Ramaswamy Iyer Headwork Dam is an exceptional place to enjoy the beauty of nature in Munnar. It is the waters of this dam that power the Pallivasal Hydroelectric Project. The dam was inaugurated by C P Ramaswami Aiyer, the then Dewan of Travancore on 12th February 1944.

Athukad Water falls

At a distance of 9 kilometres from the town of Munnar lies the Athukad waterfall. This is one of the most visited and beautiful waterfalls in Munnar and hence, the fall should never be missed at all. The hillocks that echo the roaring sound of the falling water is sure an experience to cherish for a lifetime. There are also opportunities for trekking at the slopes of the fall.

Pothamedu Viewpoint

Pothamedu is another spectacular place where tourists from across from the world flocking to enjoy the breathtaking views that nature has to offer from the Pothamedu Viewpoint. The trek that takes the people to the viewpoint through the dense and lush green forests is an experience to enjoy in its entire rustic feel. There are several plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom where tourists can take some time off.

Wonder Valley Amusement Park

The Wonder Valley Amusement Park in Munnar boasts of several exciting rides to entertain all types of visitors from different age groups. The park is located at a distance of 13 kilometres from the town of Munnar.It is an exceptional place where tourists can rejoice, relax and revitalise their vacations in all its excitement.

Elephant Ride

One of the most thrilling and exciting activities for any visitor, elephant ride spanning 15 minutes is a highly sought after activity in Thekkady.The ride provides the travellers with a myriad of opportunities to view the spice plantations along the rugged paths that the rides follow. Bringing the aroma to the travellers, the chilly breezes can definitely rejuvenate the mind and body of the tourists.

Chengulam Dam

This dam is one of the newest ones in Munnar that have begun to attract visitors from all around the country, and even from abroad. Visitors can enjoy boating on the dam from the boating centre that is developed to entertain the visitors. There are several choices such as speed boats, paddle boats, and large boats from which people can relish the fantastical views of the surrounding forests that the dam has to offer.

Trekking Routes in Munnar

Lakshmi Hills

Lakshmi Hills is another important trekking spot in munnar that is flocked by tourists from across the world to enjoy the breathtaking views that the hills offer. The trekking uphill is an exciting experience that is sure to stay fresh in the minds of the visitors even after the vacation is long over. The rugged path uphill is characterised by several undulations that make the trekking all the more exciting and thrilling.


For the adventure-lover in you, Meesappulimala is the place to be at in Munnar. Being the second highest peak in the grand Western Ghats, Meesappulimala offers a wide range of daring opportunities to travelers who seek unlimited thrill.With all the adventures that the spot has to offer, it never is only for the thrill seekers; the views from the peak are stunning, and the options for trekking are limitless.

Chokarmudi Peak

Located near bison Valley, it is a stunning peak that acts as a perfect getaway spot for the people who love adventure, stunning natural beauty and breathtaking views of the hills and valleys that surround the peak. The trek through the rugged paths is one of the most exciting aspects of visiting this beautiful peak.

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