Kerala House Boat Comprehensive Guideline

A comprehensive guideline to understand the different categories of houseboats and the amenities and facilities that come with each category

Houseboats in kerala are catalogued into three different categories based on the very luxuries, amenities and facilities that accompany each of them. They are;

  • Basic or Deluxe Category
  • Premium Category
  • Luxury Category

Houseboats under Deluxe Category

When you book a deluxe category houseboat, it will be available at your service for 21 hours. The houseboat will be accessible only to you and your family and not be shared with anyone else. You are given with two choices such as Alleppey backwaters or Kumarakom to select a destination for cruising and you can choose the one you are comfortable with. You might also avail a cruise from Alleppey to Kumarakom and back or Kumarakom to Alleppey and back, at the extra charge of Rs. 1500.

Check-in time is fixed at 12.00 in the noon and the check-out time is fixed at 9.00 AM. The houseboat has spacious room to accommodate you and your family and the room will have all the basic facilities. The room is air-conditioned which is provided only from 9.00 PM to 6.00 AM. The rooms are exceptionally clean and comfortable to enjoy your time in it. You will also be served food—vegetarian or non-vegetarian as you prefer, based on the menu provided to you. Pearlspot fish will be served for lunch and chicken will be served for dinner. If you would like to add a little more variety to your food and enjoy the exceptional cuisine of Kerala, you may buy diverse seafood items at extra cost. The next morning you will have the opportunity to go on another cruise on the houseboat for an hour from 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM, after having had your breakfast.

Your cruise will start from the time you check-in and it will last till 5.00 in the evening. During the cruise, the houseboat will need to be stopped en route for one hour for lunch. The cruise will come to its conclusion by 5.00 in the evening, and up to 8.00 in the evening, the houseboat needs to be anchored. The anchoring will be near any village, and as it is the backwaters, you might find mosquitoes a little annoying. As you will not have any activity to indulge in, it would be an exceptional opportunity to explore the villages near the backwaters. However, if you so wish, you can avail the Canoe Cruise at extra charges to spice your journey up a little.

If you think you need more activities to take part in while the houseboat is anchored, the best value-adding option is to stay in the resort during the night and choose for an exceptional day-cruise in the houseboat. However, this can be expensive for you, but you can choose either a Shikara Boat Cruise or Canoe Boat Cruise both of which are economical. However, they cost about Rs. 750/hour and the costs may vary as per the seasonal requirements and demands.

It is the responsibility of the clients to reach the houseboat in time and even when the customer is late, the cruising time will be the same. If the customers are late, under no circumstances, the cruising time will be extended or adjusted.

Houseboats under Premium Category

Houseboats under premium category are also governed by all the terms and conditions explained for deluxe category, the only difference being the time of air-conditioning. Unlike in the deluxe category, the room will be air-conditioned as and when it is needed by the clients.

Houseboats under Luxury Category

Houseboats under luxury category are also governed by all the terms and conditions explained for deluxe category, the only major differences being the time of air-conditioning, the facilities in the houseboat and the menu. In luxury category air-condition will be provided throughout the time the customers spend in the houseboat. The front living area of the houseboat will be only covered with glass and the room will be significantly spacious and luxurious. The menu will be slightly different from other categories and the customers will be served chicken for lunch, too. The staffs will be wearing uniforms to make the cruise look all the more professional.

Service Cost and Plans

It is impossible to commit to a constant price for the houseboats at all times, as the prices change according to the demand during different seasons, weekends and festival times. However, the normal charges are;

  • Deluxe Category: The fares start from Rs. 8000 for 1 BHK houseboat in Alleppey/Kumarakom
  • Premium Category: The fares start from Rs. 12000 for 1 BHK houseboat in Kumarakom/Alleppey
  • Luxury Category: The fares range from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 50000 per room, per night in the houseboat.

Always bear in mind that all the applicable taxes are extra. All prices can vary in different House Boat companies. Same categories may have different prices in different companies.

Photo Gallery – Luxury Houseboat in Kerala

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